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Another Cup of Essiac Tea

November 16th, 2016

by Michael Reynolds (1994)

In the last issue we shared with you about Essiac tea, which is used in Canada and around the world for cancer and other degenerative conditions, as well as for detoxification and prevention of cancer. In this issue, we will present more of the story behind Essiac tea. We will also share some of the feedback we have received about the encapsulated version of Essiac tea, which we and our clients are excited to have available.

Last time, we explained how a nurse named Rene Caisse heard about the formula from a woman who had claimed that her advanced breast cancer had been cured by an ancient Native American recipe. Afterwards, Nurse Caisse tested this recipe on cancer patients and named the formula "Essiac", which was her last name spelled backwards.

With the help of Dr. R.O. Fisher, who previously served as her mother's physician, Caisse also conducted various tests on laboratory mice. Here is what she reported: "We found that after nine days of oral Essiac treatment, the tumors regressed in mice that had been inoculated with human carcinoma [a malignant tumor] to the point that the cancer was no longer invading living tissue."

Nurse Caisse convinced eight physicians that she had what looked like a remedy for cancer, after demonstrating her formula on a man, whose face had a malignant growth, which improved. One of these physicians arranged for her to have access to laboratories at the Christie Street Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Caisse worked there in collaboration with medical researchers, inoculating mice with Rous sarcoma (a malignant tumor), to experiment further with her tea. She wrote, "I kept the mice alive for 52 days. That was longer than anyone else had been able to do. In a later experiment, with two other doctors, I kept mice alive with Essiac for 72 days!"

Dr. Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin, became interested in her work. Nurse Caisse wrote the following about his opinion: "After reading my case notes, and examining my pictures of the man with the face cancer before and after treatment, along with X-rays of other cancers I had treated, he finally said, 'I will not say you have a cure for cancer, but you have more evidence of a beneficial treatment for cancer than anyone in the world.'" Dr. Banting offered her the opportunity to perform research at his facilities, which she turned down. She wrote, "I wanted to establish my remedy in actual practice---not in a laboratory only. I wanted to use it on patients in my own way. I knew it could do no harm. And when the time came I wanted to share in the administration of my own discovery."

Rene Caisse treated scores of terminally-ill patients, (all of them referred by medical doctors) at her own clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, for almost eight years, from 1934 to 1942. Many medical doctors came to observe and examine her successes. She was approached by many manufacturers eager to capitalize on her discovery. Caisse refused all financial offers, even when they climbed to seven figures. A flurry of publicity always surrounded her.

After Caisse's death, Elaine Alexander (a radio talk show producer) acquired rights to the formula from Dr. Brusch, Caisse's partner. Alexander began working with a manufacturer to distribute the product. Based on her understanding of Caisse's work, she explained that the product is natural and, unlike an antibiotic, it takes time to "re-educate the body," so patience and perseverance are necessary. She added that It has the ability to identify and gather the toxins, and flush them out of the body, and can be safely taken with any medication.

Our encapsulated version of Essiac is called "E-Tea." Many of our clients who are using this herbal combination are reporting feeling better, more energy, and more hope. One client, Debbie M. said this about her father using Essiac tea for his cancer, "This gives us hope; chemotherapy gives us no hope."

Paula J., also has had cancer and shared this message with us, "I feel God has created a special combination of herbs for those of us suffering from cancer. I believe the E-tea will help keep me cancer-free. I recommend this to anyone suffering from cancer - there is hope with E-tea."

Read our previous article about Essiac Tea

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